Circuit Board Design and Layout

We offer a complete PC Board design service from schematic capture to board layout. We understand board manufacturing processes, steps, and limitations, which enables us to create your layout with what we call, True DFM in Mind- Routing trace widths at 6 mils and shinnying down to .004″ only when needed. Running Via hole diameters at .008 & .010 to stay within mechanical drilling capabilities and keep out of the micro-via class to avoid laser drilling.

“…We layout boards with True DFM in Mind.”

This methodology of design practice can greatly reduces the manufacturing costs come time for fabricate your circuit board.

If you choose us as your board designer we will work one-on-one with your engineers to work through the schematic and bill of materials to complete the layout and prepare for manufacturing and assembly.

We use Altium Designer® for all our layout projects.


PCB Layout Gallery

Design Capabilities and Specifications

  • Altium Designer® Software Suite

  • Schematic Capture

  • Create PCB Database from existing Gerber and NC Drill data files.

  • All types of surface mount designs with mixed technologies

  • Flex/Rigid design

  • Blind and buried vias

  • Via in pad

  • High speed, clock and matched pairs to the engineer’s specification

  • Controlled Impedance

  • Two-sided component placing

  • High density quad packs

  • High Density Interconnect

  • High frequency

  • EMI

  • RF/Microwave

  • High Voltage to UL or ECC specifications

  • DUT and probe cards

  • Micro BGA / FPGA routing

  • Analog and digital signal separation

  • Split planes / Isolation

IPC Standards

  • IPC-2221 Standard on PCB Design

  • IPC-2222 Design Standard on Rigid Boards

  • IPC-2223 Design Standard Flexible Circuits

  • IPC-2141 Standard on High-Speed Controlled Impedance



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