PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Below is our circuit board manufacturing capabilities tables. These tables list the capabilities we can provide when manufacturing circuit boards.

We understand some circuit board designs require advanced technologies. To increase the diversity of PC board types we have structured our capabilities table in two columns: Standard Capabilities and Advanced Capabilities. This can help our customer determine which design strategy to follow.

[finished thickness] [laminate/material] [lines, spaces, and pad sizes] [soldermask/silkscreen legend] [surface finish] [surface finish (lead-free)] [tolerances] [via and hole finish]

Finished Thickness

Double-SidedMin. 0.032”Min. 0.010″
Double-SidedMax. 0.070”Max. 0.250″
Multi-LayerMin. 0.032″Min. 0.018″
Multi-LayerMax. 0.220″to 0.250″
Min. Core Thickness0.005″0.004″
Finished Thickness ±10%7-10%
Cu Weight, InnerMin. 3/4 oz.Min. 1/4 oz.
Cu Weight, InnerMax. 2.0 oz.Max 3.0 oz.
Cu Weight, OuterMin. 3/4 oz.Min. 1/4 oz.
Cu Weight, OuterMax. 2.0 oz.Max 8.0 oz.


Panel Size18x16 & 18x2418x16 & 18x24
Layer Count0 to 810 to 30
Rigid BoardYesYes
Flexible CircuitNoYes
Flexible Cover LayNoYes
FR4 Tg140YesYes
FR4 Tg170YesYes
FR4 Tg180YesYes
Rogers High FrequencyNoYes
Polyimide High TemperatureNoYes
Aluminum CoreNoYes

Lines, Spaces, and Pad Sizes

Outer Conductor Width0.005 – 0.008″0.004 – .003″
Outer Conductor Spacing0.005 – 0.008″0.004 – .003″
Inner Conductor Width0.005 – 0.008″0.004 – .003″
Inner Conductor Spacing0.005 – 0.008″0.004 – .003″
Inner Pad Size0.005-.007"0.004-.003"
Outer Pad Size0.006-.007"0.004"
SMT Pad Pitch0.018 – 0.016″0.012 – 0.014″
Hole Aspect Ratio8 to 112 to 1

Soldermask Resist/Silkscreen Legend

Soldermask TypeLPILPI
Minimum Mask Clearance [LPI].004″.003-0.002″
Soldermask ColorGreen, Blue, Red, Black, White (LED) Any Color
Soldermask Web Min.004″.0035-0.003″
Legend Feature Size.008″ Wide X 0.032″ Tall.0035″ Wide X 0.022″ Tall
Legend ColorWhite, Black, YellowAny Color

Surface Finish

HASL – LeadedYesYes
Bare CopperYesYes
White TinYesYes
Tin/Lead Plating ThicknessCopper Coverage.003"

Surface Finish (Lead-Free)

Lead Free SolderYesYes
Immersion Gold (ENIG)YesYes
Immersion SilverYesYes
Electroless NickelYesYes
Nickel Plating Thickness120-150 Micro inches250 Micro inches
Gold Plating Thickness20-50 Micro inchesAs Specified


Drilled hole-to-copper0.012”0.010”
Plated Hole ±0.003″0.003″
Non Plated Hole ±0.001″0.001″
Fabrication/Rout ±0.010”0.005”

Via and Hole Finish

Min Hole Size, Mechanical0.0079”0.0059”
Min Hole Size, Laser0.0049″0.0039
Slotted DrillMin. 0.028″Min. 0.020″
Blind/Buried ViasNoYes
Via Under PADNoYes
Stacked ViasNoYes
Castellation/Edge PlatingNoYes
Tented Via LPINoYes
Non-Conductive Via FillNoYes
Conductive Via FillNoYes
Copper Filled ViaNoYes